When he was slated to appear on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Colouring Book track, “Grown Ass Kid.” As we found with a last-minute poem at his Tiny Desk Concert, Chance likes to switch things up.

He’s been in the studio “cooking up yammers — they’re honestly great,” so instead of something old, he offers something fresh, channeling his early, open-mic days. Featuring the R&B singer Daniel Caesar, the song-so-new-it-doesn’t-have-a-title does the thing that Chance does so well: starts small and personal, reflects not only on himself but how success changes the world around him (“I think my little cousins they want their cousin back / The automatic quarterback that doesn’t rap”), but expands it to the pains of the American dream, knowing that the “day is on it’s way / It couldn’t wait no more / Here it is.”

Chance also spoke with Colbert about the difference between politics and legislation, his civic engagement and education non-profit Social Works, his faith (“singing is praying twice”) and sang a little of the hymn “This Is The Day.”