With all the news about electric super cars, SUVs, and four doors being released, it’s refreshing to see something decidedly more petrol powered making headlines. Introducing the brand new Lamborghini Aventador S.

This beast of a car boasts a 6.5 liter V12 engine that puts out 740 horses and 508 pound feet of torque through a seven speed automatic transmission to the rear Pirelli-sporting wheels. All this power combined with a lighter weight means that you can get from 0 to 62 in under 3 seconds on your way to a license losing top speed of 217 miles an hour. In addition to all of this power, the Italian marque is also introducing a four wheel steering system – the first of its kind on a production Lamborghini, along with a notably higher redline set at 8,500 (up from 8,350). This’ll make for much better control control while pushing the limits. Better hope you aren’t on Santa’s naughty list because this thing is going for $421,350.