South Park has been on the air since 1997. That means that next year is the show’s 20th anniversary. Yet somehow they have managed to stay fresh, funny, and entertaining for all these years. To celebrate that little perpetually snow-covered Colorado town that’s now nearly two decades old, Burton has released a line of snowboarding apparel and gear inspired by the show and its characters.

While the stand-out items for the collection are certainly the spot-on replicas of the hats (three hats and one hood, if we’re mincing words) worn by Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman, there are also some other deeper cuts. For instance, they’ve included several Parkitect Snowboards, one of which featuring Towlie artwork, and a pocketed long-sleeve raglan with Mr. Hankey sitting in the pocket. They’ve even made character socks and fingerless leather mitts adorned with character patches, amongst other things. This killer cartoon-inspired gear runs the gamut of pricing between $25 and $500.