Who needs to kick/push, with these electric longboards from ACTION, you’ll never have to set your foot on the pavement again to get going. They’re one of the most advanced electric skateboards around these days, utilizing all four wheels to get you up that incline or down to the office in style.

Dubbed the QU4TRO, each electric skateboard uses dual hub motors located on each of the board’s trucks to propel you forward. It’s built upon an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis, boasts a carbon fiber deck, a front and rear light, integrated LED strip for enhanced visibility at night, and it runs off a Lithium battery. On a full charge, the QU4TRO gets up to 22 miles in range and can huck it up hills with a 30% grade. And with features such as regenerative braking, you’ll be able to make the most out of every charge when cruising along on your local city street. They’re available for reservation now on Indiegogo and are set to retail for $1,700.