Indrek Narusk, designer behind Estonia’s Velonia Bicycles, has unveiled the Viks GT, a new urban bike inspired by Italian supercar Lamborghini. The edgy and bold looking evolution of viks was inspired by the sharp edges and triangles found in the design of italian lamborghini supercars. Compared to curved corners of a traditional Viks, this version has sharp edges and aluminium alloy frame, which makes it 40% lighter than the usual Viks.


viks_valik_1-3000-1024x682 viks_valik_1-3021-1024x682 viks_valik_1-3030-1024x683 viks_valik_1-3073-1024x682 viks_valik_1-3081-1024x682 viks_valik_1-3125-1024x682 viks_valik_1-3114-1024x682