Since the 1980s, Nintendo has been one of the biggest names in gaming. But the road hasn’t always been a smooth one, especially in recent years. In fact, their Wii U console sold just 10 million units – about 1/10th the number sold of the original Wii console. The brand is looking to bounce back, however, with the release of their next entry into what is the longest running line of in-home video game consoles, the Switch.

Taking everything they’ve learned from their triumphs and pitfalls, Nintendo has presented an incredibly versatile-looking machine that is equal parts home console and portable gaming platform. The brand has released little in the way of specifications, but – judging from the accompanying video – the main TV-based console houses a smaller unit with a screen that can be removed to transform the device into a mobile platform. It can be operated with a traditional gaming controller or a set of dual-controllers that slide onto the sides of the screen unit, operate in conjunction wirelessly, or function individually as old-school Nintendo controllers (for local multiplayer). The unit also appears to operate with SD sized game cartridges, rather than disks, and can wirelessly link to other units for multi-screen play. A price has yet to be announced, but the Nintendo Switch is slated for a release date of March, 2017.

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