Consider us happy campers if this is what transportation will look like in the next 30 years. At least that’s what BMW imagines with their Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle that was just released in Los Angeles earlier this week. It’s a motorcycle unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, looking more like a villainous ride out of Tron than a standard bike.

It’s all due in part from the concept’s zero-emissions setup. Instead of an engine, you’ll notice some shape shifting ornaments to block the wind and enhance the bike’s aerodynamic aspects. The frame also warps to allow for precision steering and balance for the rider, making it an unusually flexible bike, quite abnormal from current builds. There’s no joints or bearings involved in the suspension either; no springs or swingarms to think of. That’s because BMW positioned the bike’s tires as the suspension which, when combined with active self-balancing, traction and stability aids, prevents the bike from ever falling over.

The auto manufacturer also proposed a special suit and visor that pair with the bike as well. The suit heats and cools the rider as needed and the visor keeps the rider up to date on the bike’s information, the current route, as well as any other driver aids BMW has up its sleeve. Nevertheless, it’s still a long ways off from production, if even at all, so we all actually may be grandparents before this wild ride hits the road in the mid 21st century.

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