Every wonder how much it actually costs to make a pair of adidas Yeezy shoes? Well, we have all the answers here, which may or may not surprise you.

According to Sole Review, the actual production cost of a pair of adidas Yeezy shoes is $76, then is retailed for $350 USD.

The individual costs mentioned here are 95% accurate, and are factory or ‘ FOB’ costs. FOB is short for ‘Free-on-board’ (also called freight-on-board at times), which is the cost of shoe when loaded on the vessel at the port of origin – usually in the country where the factory is located.

The numbers you see below are the FOB costs for specific shoe models, based on Jan-May 2016 ocean shipping data. Publicly available US import data does not contain itemized FOB costs, nor is the database current/comprehensive, so we had to compile the data from international imports and exports. Hence the variation of 5% due on the account of currency conversions to the US dollar.

Check out the images below for further details, and for a full run down on this entire story, head over to Sole Review.

cost-to-make-adidas-yeezys cost-to-make-adidas-yeezys-1 cost-to-make-adidas-yeezys-2 cost-to-make-adidas-yeezys-3