It doesn’t take a specialist to figure out that the “e” prefix stands for an electric vehicle. The Maserati Wazuma was capable of producing an almost insane amount of torque, 670 Nm (457 lb-ft) at 4,750 rpm, the E- Wazuma promises to be just as thrilling. Lazareth E-Wazuma’s propulsion system is in the rear, with two 30 kW motors driving the rear wheels. The Lazareth E-Wazuma is only a prototype now. Ludovic claims these vehicles could be built for the road without substantial effort. No word on pricing yet. It looks awesome!

Lazareth-E-Wazuma-Quad Lazareth-E-Wazuma-Quad-2 Lazareth-E-Wazuma-Quad-1