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You can’t trust anyone. Not Google. Not Sony. Not even Pornhub…which is now actually CornHub. And we don’t want to live in a world where we can’t trust a porn website. Companies’ April Fools’ pranks have been in full swing since the clock struck midnight April 1st, so just assume anything and everything you read on the Internet on April 1st is not real. Which would make Beyoncé dropping her album today a sick, twisted test of our sanity.

From H&M’s Mark Zuckerberg line to Chili’s revolting Molten Cake Margarita, here are favorite pranks companies pulled on the masses today.

1. Virgin America’s new logo

No delicate way to put this…it’s boobs. And the commercial announcing the fake new logo is expertly done.

2. H&M’s Mark Zuckerberg clothing line

HM mark zuckerberg

The clothing company “collaborated” with the Facebook creator for a line of seven grey t-shirts and one pair of basic jeans. The tagline? “One less thing to think about in the morning.” visit to see the elaborate website created.

3. McDonald’s MmmBox

Everyone has a subscription box, even McDonald’s! Not really, but who wouldn’t order “The Ribster” box?

4. Pornhub turns into Cornhub

In a move that we confess to not anticipating, the adult website Pornhub pranked itself by “cornifying” its landing page, which it renamed “Cornhub” and adorned with scenes of steaming corn. We’ll warn you, the site still has the explicit videos and images its users expect: The corn effect disappears rather emphatically upon the first click. So if you want to see only a version of the page that features videos with titles such as “Full cobs totally peeled” and “Got caught husking on the porch,” look but do not touch.

5. Sony’s proton pack

Wanna bust ghosts alongside Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy? Too bad. Sony isn’t actually selling proton packs.

6. Deadpool coming to VHS and Laserdisc

Coming to VHS, and LaserDisc MAY 10! That’s right, millennials!

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Ryan Reynold’s hit superhero movie isn’t really pandering to millenniala and coming out on outdated technology. To be clear, we would totally buy Deadpool on VHS.

7. T-Mobile’s Binge On Up

T-Mobile’s ridiculous hands-free device would probably sell pretty well if they decided to market it. Netflix and Chill anywhere!

8. iRobot and Zumba’s ZumbaRoomba

This prank really stung. iRobot basically made a commercial for a real-life DJ Roomba, first created by Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation. But it’s not real and we are pissed.

9. Tumblr’s lizard election

This actually makes more sense than our current election.

10. Sbrarro’s pizza scented candles
What would set the mood better than the smell of marinara and cheese?

11. Google’s new delivery system

Google’s Gmail prank did not go over well, but their faux commercial for a parachute delivery system is actually hilarious.

12. Burger King’s Chicken Fries shake


13. NetFlix: “Stamos: A Human, Being” New Documentary

I love the title. “A Human, Being”

14. BBC’s video store

“For every purchase you make on BBC Store, we will send you a free VHS straight to your door,” the network announced today. Can you imagine if people born after the 2000s got a VHS delivered to them? They will never know the struggle.

15. Hamburger Helper’s mixtape

It’s actually pretty good! We sense a Grammy in their future…

16. Hulu’s New Dating Service “HuluDatr”

Not to be out-done by Netflix, Hulu even took the time to create extra videos of testimonials and even  Add On Features Called “HuluConnectr”, “MoodSettr”, AND MORE Including “PetWatchr” so your pet can watch tv like you’re there. Lol Just visit Hulu’s home page and see all the videos.

17. Expedia’s “Ginge-Air”

Ginge-Air. The first of its kind, this premium airline is both staffed by and caters to every shade of redhead, from strawberry-blondes to orange-toned auburns. Visit to book your tickets today!

18. Lexus annouce their new “V-LCRO” Seats.