TDE’s CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith announced that one of their artists would be releasing an album as a surprise. As promised, a project called untitled unmastered appeared on Spotify under Kendrick Lamar’s name — the project Top Dawg was referring to. Kendrick shared the album at 11PM tonight — it is eight tracks in total and contains his Jimmy Fallon and Colbert performances, now titled “untitled 08” and “untitled 03” respectively. Per editor’s notes via iTunes:

Every element of Kendrick Lamar’s unedited unmastered tells you something about the Compton MC’s provocative, multi-layered genius. Take the contrast of the collection’s ultra-generic title and its attention-grabbing out-of-left-field release. Take the retro-futuristic, Funkadelic-inspired grooves that simmer under tracks like “untitled 02” or “untitled 06.” These are only the beginning of Lamar’s hypnotic, nuanced nod to hip-hop’s deep roots and unstoppable political and expressive currency. Songs like “untitled 03” and “untitled 05”—with layered references, wild-eyed jazz solos, and cutting insight—continue the brilliant reign of King Kendrick.