It’s called the Coconut Paddle, blade consists of a Blonde 3 Ply Bamboo Wood, with custom inserts in the handle. The shape of that handle is not only ergonomic but allows for left or right handed play. And like anything that looks unusual and seems over-engineered, the price is through the roof: $108. It looks Awesome.

Head Dimensions:
6 5/8  x 5 7/8 Inches
Head Thickness: 1/4 Inch
Weight: 6.7oz (Rubber Included)
Wood Layers: Blade consists of a Blonde 3 Ply Bamboo Wood.
Foam: 2 Custom Handle Inserts
Rubber: Black Long Pimples (Cut/Applied by Hand)
Handle: Consists of an amber edge grain bamboo wood. One Size Fits All (Mirrored for Right and Left Handed Players)

The-Coconut-Paddle1 The-Coconut-Paddle3 The-Coconut-Paddle2