Do you think you have what it takes to become the next great footwear or sports apparel designer? Now you have a chance to show what you’re made of, at the adidas Design Academy. The new program presented by the Three Stripes will entail a 24-month program for accepted applicants, with courses focusing on different areas including footwear, apparel, and graphic design located in either Germany or the USA. The Design Academy will give aspiring creators the opportunity to design, create, and invent in the world of athletic footwear and apparel, with the possibility of earning a job at adidas at the end of the program. Those interested can apply for each specific category via the links below. The deadline to apply is March 6th, 2016, with the programs starting on June 1st.

Adidas design academy registration
Apparel (Germany): HERE
Apparel (USA): HERE
Footwear (Germany): HERE
Graphic Design (USA): HERE
or Just Click Here – navigate to “all jobs”