Kevin Hart’s training regimen isn’t for the faint of heart. If you take a gander at his Instagram account, you’ll see that the famed comedian’s stint in the gym is far from kicks and giggles. Even throughout the course of 2015, the Philly native held impromptu 5K’s in New York City and later Boston. So it’s only fitting that Hart teamed up with one of fitness’ most prominent brands, Nike, to debut his first cross-training sneakers.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Jan. 12), the Ride Along 2 co-star announced the prototype of his shoes, which include a red colorway and a blue option.

“I put all of my inspiring quotes all over of my sneakers,” Hart revealed. “It says stuff like, ‘Don’t give up,’ ‘Make today your last but also make it your first,’ ‘Health is wealth,’ basically this is groundbreaking. I am the first actor/entertainer to ever get a cross-training shoe because that’s what I do.” The historic achievement for Hart also follows a promo he did with Nike that showcased his gym regimen and how he pushes himself to hit the weights every day.

“It’s about that confidence. It’s about that head-up feeling…walking into a room and feeling like you’re supposed to be in the room. Training for life is living for life,” he said.

via: vibe