Well, T.I. is having legal troubles again. But before you roll your eyes, this legal battle is nothing like before. This time, Tip is reportedly hashing it out with his jeweler over what the company says is a $700K unpaid bill, TMZ states.

Aydin & Co, a jeweler in Atlanta, Ga., alleges that the rapper has been walking out on payments for the last decade and they’ve had enough. TMZ reported that in 2014, T.I. ordered a 18.5 karat, white gold bracelet, ring, and gold rosary, to which T.I. paid $20K for. That sounds about right to us, but according to the jeweler, he still owes another $44K. But that bill is merely pennies to what the rapper allegedly owes in payments. Over the past decade, the jeweler claims T.I. owes more than $400K.

Aydin and & Co have filed an official lawsuit, asking for $700K. As for what the rapper/actor has to say about all of this: it’s completely BS. Hopefully the truth will eventually come to light.

via: vibe