From Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” taking over the Internet to Kendrick Lamar‘s genre-bending masterpiece To Pimp a Butterfly captivating listeners, 2015 has been kind to rap music. Where last year the genre suffered from a lack of strong albums, this year made up for it in spades. Both the underground and the mainstream produced critically acclaimed tapes and songs, which in turn created healthy discourse that the game needed.

Part of that discourse was generated by a generation gap that is happening within the sport of rap. Vince Staples got folks upset for bigging up the 2000s while tossing the ’90s to the side, even though he raps like he could’ve been in N.W.A. Future, Young Thug, and Rae Sremmurd have been the poster boys for everything that’s wrong with rap even though they’ve got bars. And Drake dismantled a former battle rapper, even though he’s a singer (his words).

We’re hear to talk about bars, though. During the late months of 2014 we started rounding up the best rap verses of the month and continued that franchise in 2015. The list we cooked up is made up of MCs young and old who have an appreciation for the sport. Click Through The Pages To Check out the Best Rap Verses of 2015.