2015 was the year of one of the biggest, most-comical feuds in recent memory- Drake vs. Meek Mill. Although this beef was in its prime during the summer, people still seem like they haven’t let it go.

MTV News reports that during a Dec. 21 Clippers game in Los Angeles, Drizzy- who has been mostly silent when it comes to the feud- certainly didn’t let a Meek fan get under his skin.

After making his way out of the building, a fan began heckling the “Back To Back” rapper, yelling, “You ain’t Meek Mill!” followed by repetition of the Philly native’s moniker. This didn’t phase Drake in the slightest- in fact, some would say that it tickled him pink- as Spotify’s most-streamed star began to laugh and laugh at the fan’s attempt at throwing shade.

Better luck next time, Meek fans, but it’s clear that Drake has moved on.

via: vibe