The Howlin’ Wolf

@taukband signing off! Excited to bring the show to NOLA this Thursday! Lots of exciting stuff in store for you all!

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“I didn’t know what the name meant for the longest time—until about three months ago. I realized that the Howlin’ Wolf was a nickname for Chester Burnett. He was a Blues singer. It’s named after a blues singer from Mississippi. So he’s just right around the corner from New Orleans.

The Howlin’ Wolf is not about style—it’s not a beautiful venue per se, outside or inside. It’s more about the structure. It’s a large venue. I remember performing there and having about 80 people at the show. The venue was so big that the 80 people felt like hardly anybody was there. It’s so big that you think, ‘I don’t even care about selling it out. I just want it feeling full in there.’ It’s not the prettiest place, but it’s definitely a staple down here.”