The Best Air Jordan 11 Colorways Ever

The Air Jordan XI is considered an iconic shoe for many reasons. Simply being connected to Michael Jordan’s iconic legacy is enough to get the hypebeasts fired up about any shoe, but the XI in particular holds a special place in the hearts of the sneaker community.

MJ’s 11th release in his signature line was so huge that it transcended the on-court stuff altogether–at least the real on-court stuff. Made famous thanks to an appearance on his feet in the movie Space Jam, the XI’s crossover appeal is undeniable when you think of how many moviegoers watched him soar in the shoe, even if they didn’t follow his professional career religiously.

It certainly helps that they were a game-changing sneaker on multiple fronts. The addition of patent leather to Jordan’s signature line helped usher in an era of bolder, more diverse design patterns; the success of the Jordan XI showed manufacturers they could incorporate contrasting materials into their new products to great success. The shoe was a performance beast on top of looking great, with the lighter material helping pros and amateur ballers soar to new heights.

The age old question remains, however–what are the greatest colorways for one of MJ’s greatest sneakers? With the “72-10″ colorway that dropped at Champs Sports this pass Saturday and figuring to be a staple in colorway battles moving forward, it’s time to reconsider the best and boldest of what JB has already blessed us with. These are the Best Air Jordan 11 Colorways Ever.