There are few people with as big of a sneaker collection as Mayor, the Bronx-born footwear aficionado who estimates his personal stash to have a worth north of $750,000. He’s been compiling his shoe pile for more than 30 years, and his basement has become something of legend. Mayor is also something who has a lot to say about sneakers and the people associated with them.

On an episode of The Sit Down with The Don Drew last night, Mayor told all, or the most we’ve ever heard from him. He touched on spending thousands for shoes, what he does for a living, and those Undefeated x Air Jordan IVs, which are worth roughly $25,000, that here cently disrespected.

The complete episode can be watched here, but if you want the golden nuggets, here are 10 Things We Learned About Mayor, the Man With the $750,000 Sneaker Collection.

Here’s how he makes his money.

“I have a 9-5 job, I’ve done it for 20 years. I’ve owned clubs. I owned a car stereo shop. I don’t have those businesses anymore. I have Mayor Consultants. I’m an owner of Stadium Status Group, which is a marketing agency. Now I’m dabbling in real estate. I catch myself $75,000 -$85,000 a year off being a brand ambassador. Nike borrows shoes from me instead of going to their archives.”

He’s stolen money to pay for his sneakers.

“Everybody says to me, ‘I wish I could afford your collection.’ This is 30 years, b! This is having money, not having money, saving money. This is stealing money from my grandfather. I stole money from my grandfather to buy some of these shoes.”

He spent $2,500 on his Undefeated x Air Jordan IVs and completely trashed them.

“There’s no way in Christ that I would have bought that Undefeated IV for $25,000, you’ve got to be out of your fucking mind. I bought it for $2,500, so I treat it like a $2,500 shoe. That’s why I bend it, that’s why I wear it in a torrential fucking downpour. All-Star Weekend in Vegas, it rained every fucking day. I had the shoe on in the fucking mud. I had Carmelo Anthony and Bun B looking at me like I was crazy.”

Not buying the Eminem x Air Jordan IVs was maybe the dumbest thing he ever did.

“I’m not spending $21,000 for a used Eminem IV and then taking it to Jason Markk to clean it and then wear the shit out of it. I’m not doing that. I shot myself in the foot because I had the chance to buy Eminems for $6,000 from my man 100 years ago, but I said, ‘No.’ They asked me for $6,500, I told them I had $5,700 in my pocket and they said, ‘No.’ They winded up selling the shoe for $6,200. It’s probably the dumbest shit I’ve ever done in my life. I would have worn the shit out of that shoe for $6,000. For $6,000 I would have worn that shit in the mud for what it’s worth now.”

He bid $15,000 on the Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan IVs

“I made a bid [on the Carhartt Jordan], I got outbid right away. My bid lasted awhile, but it went. I bid $15,000. I got a new credit card with a $25,000 limit on it and I said, ‘Fuck it, let me go get some Eminems.’ I had Greg Street reach out to [Paul] Rosenberg to see if he could get me a pair, I’ll make a decent donation, and they’re sticking to their guns that there’s only 10 pairs. I know for a fact that there’s more than 10 pairs. Rosenberg’s sitting on them right now. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do with them, but they’re raising money for The Marhshall Mathers Foundation. That’s dope. ​The team is supposed to have them. Bronson is supposed to have them. Royce Da 5’9″ is his best friend, he’s supposed to have them. Joe Budden is supposed to have them. Rosenberg is supposed to have them. Em’s supposed to have a limited run, so he can wear them wherever he goes. There’s not 10 pairs, there’s 10 pairs for sale for The Marshall Mathers Foundation. They raised over $200,000, that’s dope.​”

He thinks people are corny who spend a ton of money on sneakers just to be cool.

“I admire the Clark Kents of the world who have been doing this for 30 years. The Fat Joes. I went to high school with Joe, so I know what he had in high school. Did Joe make more money and go to Flight Club and buy more shoes further down the line because he could afford it? Yeah. But Joe had an awesome collection back then. We called them cheaters because of the relationship they had with Nike and Jordan Brand. Some people call me a cheater, but I don’t have the relationships that they have. I have some of the relationships but not as great as theirs. If you’re running around spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to be the man, you’re a cornball.”

His thoughts on sneaker collector The Perfect Pair.

“You know why he won’t come on [this show]? Because everybody’s going to say he bought his collection. He wore Vans five years ago and now he’s got this amazing collection. He bought his collection, he’s a rich kid, he was born into money, he owns casinos. I’m not a fan of him, because I spoke to him personally and he said something stupid. He bought his collection, does that make him not like sneakers?”

He co-signs DJ Khaled as a sneakerhead.

“Khaled is my man. Look at Khaled’s stuff, Khaled’s got a lot of old shoes. There’s the Jadakisses of the world, the Jim Joneses of the world who love shoes in general. You can’t knock Khaled’s passion.”

He’s not mad at Jim Jones for having a fake pair of Air Jordans.

“Just because Jim Jones got caught with a pair of fake Jordans doesn’t mean Jim Jones is wack. The legendary Greg Street got caught with a pair of fake sneakers and he laughed about it. But whose collection is better than Greg’s?”

He sold sneakers for one day and made a ton of money.

“I started selling shoes for one day. I made $15,000. I was trying to put a down payment on a house and didn’t have enough money.

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