Rick Ross stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning wearing his trademark dark shades as well as offering his prized MMG styrofoam cups ready to talk business, and by business, he means his eighth solo LP Black Market slated to hit iTunes Friday.

The MMG quarterback was in great spirits as he explained the meaning behind his newest tattoo placed on his hairline, and his overall love for the art of ink. However, when Ebro questioned him about his back-and-forth with 50 Cent, specifically when Rozay said 50’s son inquired about an internship with MMG, Ross remained cool as a fan, but sternly addressed the issue.

“I’ve got to state this, this situation is dead, it’s beneath me on a lot of levels but just because you my brother and I’ve gotta address that question, but I made that statement on IG and I meant it, it’s the truth and I’m still processing the application, and if you ever want to see Rozay, you can book me. I’ll come to your mama’s house and I’ll bring Wingstop too! For the 20th time, I don’t entertain that. Rozay isn’t somebody that you just want to see.”

Throughout the nearly 30 minute interview, Ross talks his thoughts on Kobe’s departure from the NBA, the beef between Wale and Meek and why his latest record has no MMG features.

Lock into Ross’ interview below.