Ice-T & Coco: Timeless

Ice-T and his wife Coco have been known to push some of the most luxurious rides around NYC streets, and his current car game is on point. Boasting a motorized six-car garage that houses three rides on the first level and then hides three others right below, the avid car enthusiast has learned over the years that it’s not about a car’s model year, but rather its modifications.

“Once you start customizing cars, they don’t have a year to them,” the rapper/rocker/actor explains. “They start to turn into something different. Doing so much aftermarket stuff to it makes them like a new car.” This is exactly the case with the prized possession in his garage – a 2005 Bentley Continental GT that we featured back in Issue 34, but now boasts a few changes like an Onyx Concept body kit with lowering module, one-off Candy Apple paint scheme, Fondmetal wheels and Toyo Proxes tires, bespoke interior and a Hamann rear carbon fiber wing.

“That’s actually one of the first Bentley GTs that came out,” Ice relays, adding that he got on the waiting list when it was first announced. “I get more compliments on the car than any others and people actually think it’s a 2016 or something. It’s one of the best cars ever made. I compare my Bentley GT to sitting in your living room going 200 mph on your couch. It’s a big, heavy ride unlike a sports car and it’s so solid.”

The other treasure in his fleet is the Mercedes-Benz SL with a widebody Prior-Design Black Series kit, Forgiato wheels wrapped in Nitto tires (which he drove in the the 2011 Bullrun Rally). Coco’s favorite ride is their Range Rover Sport Autobiography. According to Ice, it’s super fast and holds up on The Big Apple’s streets, which are filled with potholes. “That thing takes the ‘F’ off; it’s an amazing little car.” Other rides sitting in his futuristic garage include a Fisker Karma, Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Being the car guy that he is, Ice usually lowers his cars because he wants them sitting just right and always throws on a set of custom wheels. Living in New York, which is notorious for its gigantic potholes, he has a few sets of spare wheels stashed away for all of his rides, just in case he blows a tire and damages the wheel. “Customized wheels take a long time to fix and I don’t have that much time,” he says. “Plus, I can switch them out to give my cars a totally different, new look.”

To aid in his car needs, Ice has been working with Joe Salafia of Action Tire since he first landed in New York City 15 years ago for a part on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” “I looked far and wide for somebody who could really do my cars correctly and thankfully, I ran into Joe,” he admits, mentioning that at the time, he had a Ferrari and a custom Benz that kept getting blown out tires. “He was fixing up cars for guys from the NY Giants and other athletes and stood behind his work. When you have a custom car, you’re like a slave to the customizer, but Joe and I have been in a solid, good relationship for a while now.”

Content with his current lineup, Ice does admit that he’s always looking at new cars, but won’t be in the market for something new for a while. As far as his dream ride, he’d love to one day get behind the wheel of a supercar, but isn’t ready to drop a million dollars on such a purchase. “If you’re going to spend that much money, you want to be able to do it easily,” he says. “As a car person, there’s always some sh*t that’s unattainable. Although I’d like to be able to easily buy a Koenigsegg or Porsche 918, there’s something to be said about working hard to getting the things you want in life.”

And working hard is something Ice is no stranger to. Starting out in West Coast rap, he transitioned into an actor at a point when hip-hop was moving away from gangster rap and has had a leading role on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” in addition to a popular reality TV series with his wife Coco and now a talk show with her. If that wasn’t enough, he’ll also be welcoming a new addition to his family by the end of the year. “I’m excited for our daughter,” he proclaims. “At this point in my life, there’s not much you can do to excite me. Everybody’s happy. We even have custom-made baby car seats to match each of our cars.”

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