Floyd Mayweather has an extensive and lavish car collection, which can be seen through a glimpse of his Instagram account. Now, it seems as if he’s putting the term “life father, like son” into action with this latest present.

For his son Koraun’s sixteenth birthday, Money Mayweather bought him a black Mercedes C-Class Coupe, possibly getting his son started on his very own car assembly.

Taking to Instagram to highlight the occasion, Mayweather wished Koraun a joyous born-day celebration, posing in front of the sleek new vehicle, which is retailed upwards of $40,000.

Happy birthday @KingKoraun Amir Mayweather. Love you, Champ. Follow my son: @kingkoraun

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The Mercedes serves as a follow-up to Koraun’s 15th birthday gift, where Mayweather presented him with a Bentley golf cart.

My son @kingkoraun wanted a Bentley golf cart for his 15th birthday so I made it appear. Stay on the look out for his gift for his 16th birthday!

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