Today’s a big day for DJ Khaled: It marks the release of his latest album I Changed A Lot. In honor of his new project, we thought we’d break down how some MCs have transformed themselves in different ways.

Before we get into the list, I think it’s important to note that change doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Sure, in some cases (we don’t have to name names here), change is terrible. But in others, change is part of a rapper’s artistic evolution and that can be a pretty cool thing. These are, for the most part, positive changes. With that out of the way, here’s how your favorite MCs have changed (a lot).

  1. Eminem

    Em went from rapping about finding Christianity on Infinite to rhyming about how Christians hate him on “Renegade.” He also went from his regular hair color to the platinum blonde look he made famous. Yeah, I’d say that’s changing…a lot.

  2. Jay Z

    As he once famously said on “Moment of Clarity,” Jay Z used to rap kinda like Common Sense. But then he sold five mill, and hasn’t rapped like Common since. Beyond that, Hov used to sport a a different hairstyle that you can see above. He looks so different now that he actually getsembarrassed when you show him old footage.

  3. Fetty Wap

    Fetty broke out as the star behind “Trap Queen.” He had short hair, a distinct voice, an infectious song about pies and mad charisma. Then, out of nowhere, he showed up and had long braids. Now, it’s hard to even picture him without the braids. Plus, I would imagine his bank account is much different today than it was just last year and props for that, Fetty.

  4. Busta Rhymes

    Busta had the cool dreads back when The Weeknd was like half a weekday. He was synonymous with the dreads, in fact. And then one day, he did the reverse Fetty Wap and got rid of the long hair. Bam. Just like that. Chopped it all off. You can even watch the historic moment in the video above. It’s a momentous occasion, to be sure. It should be declared a rap hair holiday even.

  5. Rick Ross

    Rozay used RossFit (his own version of CrossFit, of course) and pears (“shoutout to all the pears”) in order to lose weight. He’s so proud of the transformation, he talked all about it above. Take notes, folks. Take notes.

  6. Lil Wayne

    Weezy’s change is obvious. I mean, he hit the scene as a young teen, so we had to expect mad change. Beyond the obvious, Tunechi also went from wearing enormous clothes (like 3XL shirts, at least) to the tight-fitting jeans he rocks now. He also had way less tats back then, of course. Just look at the vid above to see how much he’s grown.

  7. Andre 3000

    Three Stacks used to rap all the time. Then, somewhere along the line, he stopped doing it as much. This has devastated just about the entire hip-hop community for years. Key & Peele even did a whole sketch about it. He still raps from time to time and does so incredibly well, which only makes people even more sad/mad that he doesn’t do it more often. But hey, that’s life. Change happens.

Praises to DJ Khaled who inspired us to think about how some of rap’s most celebrated MCs have transformed over the years. Here’s a look at the “We The Best” star’s latest album, which actually features most of the dudes on this list (but not all) and remember this valuable Khaled advice: “Don’t ever play yourself.”

via: mtv