With all the “drama” surrounding D.R.A.M and his “Cha Cha” single, more people took notice of his “Caretaker (Extended)” track with SZA that came out yesterday (Oct 19).

Adding more to Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment’s Surf original, both SZA & D.R.A.M adhere to all of the rules of dirty macking. SZA coos that she’s already in a relationship, and D.R.A.M is pretty much assuring her that her man isn’t worth it at all.

“F*ck that n*gga,” he sings rather bluntly. “I’ll never shake his hand now.” Loyalty to a woman you care for, that’s a hell of a bargaining chip.

Hear “Caretaker (Extended)” from D.R.A.M & SZA below.