Likening Gucci Mane to a “machine” is actually not that far of a stretch. While serving a prison sentence, the Atlanta rapper has managed to drop a barrage of new music and stay in communication with his fans. In his latest open letter, Gucci Mane urges the masses to call him “The Machine,” noting that he has been his own driving force in his career.

“The difference between me and the average entertainer is they dream of signing to a major label so they can have this giant machine push them and propel them to stardom, but I don’t have that dream,” he wrote. “My reality is all I am, all I got. I am the machine behind me. The streets signed me and the Trap named me God. I am a machine. They call me Gucci, some call me Guwop, but they should call me The Machine.”

In the handwritten note – shared in honor of “Brick Squad Day” – Gucci separates himself from “the typical entertainer.”

And of course, along with his letter, Gucci Mane also dropped three new songs. Because, The Machine. Spin “Ball With You,” “Big Money” and “I Wouldn’t Do It” below:

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