Eminem must have known he’d have clones when he made “The Real Slim Shady,” and now it looks like there’s a Norwegian MC who sounds just like him…at least according to some folks on the web.

The MC (who has Eminem posters on his wall that would make Stan proud) was compared to Slim on Reddit today. Pigeons & Planes then picked up the coverage and they reported that the 24-year-old is Mads Veslelia, a Norwegian rapper who doesn’t necessarily wanna be compared to Marshall Mathers.

In fact, Veslelia has now gone on record saying he isn’t trying to be the next Eminem, even if people do think they sound a lot

alike. Peep how he responded to that type of talk on Twitter today (and back in May).  

See? He isn’t having it. Now, if he is trying to sound like Shady, he wouldn’t be the first. I mean, mad people have tried to cover Em before.

But what do you think? Does Mads sound like Slim or do people have it all wrong?

Here’s another dose of Veslelia’s music to help you decide.

via; mtv