Remember way back when 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy over the summer? Well, the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper has something for all who think he’s really running out of funds especially when foe, Rick Ross, had a slight jab to take after saying, “Get rich or die tryin’ and now you bankrupt,” during an interview with Angie Martinez. But in the true unbothered form of Fifty, he took straight to his Instagram to not only show that he doesn’t care in the slightest as to what spectators have to say, but to confirm that he’s nowhere near being broke.

It all started with a video of how the “I Get Money” rapper slowly awakes and can’t seem to find his legs as he looks down to see exactly why.

It didn’t stop there as he proceeded to post a follow-up to his video that also includes a shameless Power plug in the caption.

And finally, to solidify his point that just had to be proven, 50 posted this to give naysayers a bit of visual sarcasm.

If you were wondering as to why someone as successful like 50 Cent with multiple business ventures even had to declare for bankruptcy in the first place, it all links back to him suing his former lawyers for $75 million after they allegedly mismanaged a lawsuit against Sleek Audio, which caused the rapper a loss of $20 million and is reportedly one of the reasons behind the bankruptcy filing. Well, we all know better now thanks to 50’s instagram.

via; vibe