Proud Brooklyn native Troy Ave is dropping a new mixtape in early October. Ave posted the artwork for Major Without a Deal: Reloaded on his Instagram account with the caption, “Coming soon. 4 tha $treet$. 4 tha FANS. 4 that REAL (I don’t care bout nothin else).” Ave also said that the mixtape is going to drop next week in a separate Instagram post. No tracklist is available (though that could change at any moment) but expect Troy Ave to stick to his formula of braggadocio rhymes and gritty, East Coast style production.

Troy Ave’s Major Without a Deal dropped back in June and became a major talking point during the early summer months for its low sales. After selling a reported 4,500 copies in its first week, Ave went on the defense and went onto “The Breakfast Club” to explain himself. ”You gotta get the slow grind, the Reasonable Doubt grind,” he said. “It gon’ catch on later.” Troy then quoted “A Million and One Questions,” the intro to his 1997 sophomore album, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1. ”Now I understand what Jay Z meant by, ‘Can he really match a triple-platinum artist buck-by-buck with only a single going gold?’” he said.  ”I can really match a platinum artist buck-by-buck without even a single going gold.”


#Mixtape COMING SOON 🎵 4 tha $TREET$ 4 tha FANS 4 tha REAL (I don’t care bout nothin else)

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