The sneaker business is booming and rappers are at the forefront of the culture with everyday social media posts that flex their kick-game muscle. Often taking to Instagram to show off their rare pairs and exclusives, notable hip-hop artists prove that stunting is a habit. But just like the everyday sneakerhead, MCs also have pairs that they wear on a regular basis, and they’re not always of the rare variety.

Whether a sneaker looks good with their outfit, catches the eyes of Instagram lurkers, or is just plain comfortable, rappers have go-to kicks they rock more often than others, no matter what the situation. Almost every sneaker enthusiast who has a deep sneaker collection owns that one versatile pair they can slide on to make a quick run to the corner store or for a night out on the town. Sneakerhead MCs, though they may have hundreds more pairs than common folk, also have that one sneaker they like to wear for any occasion. Rappers—they’re not so different than us after all. Here’s a look at your favorite rapper’s go-to sneakers.