For most sports-obsessed kids who grew up in the 90s, there was little question that football was king. Weekly pickup games and NFL Sundays were followed by all-night Tecmo Bowl tournaments, 80 percent of which were spent debating who would get to utilize Bo Jackson.

Perhaps the only area where football didn’t pull rank over its sporting brethren was footwear. With a few notable exceptions—who could resist Bo JacksonsAuburn-inspired Air Trainer SC?—everyone was pretty much all about Air Jordans and Shaquille ONeal Reeboks.

And quite honestly, that made sense. Basketball sneakers were closely interwoven with the culture of their sport, and the biggest stars were marketed to the moon, especially post-Dream Team. As for football, one primarily saw players wearing cleats, and nobody was about to wear those casually. Even at the peak of Michael Vick hysteria just after the turn of the century, the Zoom Vick turf trainers typically made their way to clearance racks.

Even today, with soaring television ratings, ubiquitous daily fantasy sites, and rampant popularity, football trainers barely make a ripple when compared to Jordan retros and the like. (According to Nikes earnings reports, the football division is one of the only areas showing negligible growth in an otherwise flourishing company.)

And yet, there are still plenty of football offerings—in the form of sneakers, not cleats—that are well worth adding to your collection. The following is a sampling of football footwear that more than holds its own style-wise next to their basketball cousins.