Following an arrest earlier this year, DMX was released from  jail on Friday (Sept. 25). The “Slippin” rapper was discharged from the Erie County Holding Center in Buffalo, NY, after a two month stint for unpaid child support.

The famed lyricist was detained before his performance at Radio City Music Hall where he was slated to appear on stage for a Masters of Ceremony event on June 26.TMZ reports the reason for X’s early release — he was originally mandated to serve six months — was due to his claim of not being notified that he had to pay nearly $400,000 in unpaid child support.

Upon his release, DMX was greeted by friends, family and fans, but he’s scheduled to make another appearance in court for the same matter. Recently his son, Xavier Simmons, made headlines for attempting to sell DMX’s platinum accolades in order to launch his music career. No updates on whether or not someone purchased those coveted plaques on eBay.

Check out X’s return below.

via: vibe