Image via Puma on Twitter

Rihanna’s Puma campaign started rolling out to physical locations earlier this month, now the sportswear company has officially unveiled the third ad in the campaign.

In these ads, Rihanna rocks an assortment of Puma’s stylish sportswear options, including layered shorts and sweatpants, and outerwear with only a sports bra underneath. As noted in the physical ads, the BadGal is rocking the Ignite XT’s on her feet. The familiar “Forever Faster” slogan is reprised from previous ads.

Rihanna and Puma have slowly been trickling these ads outs. This is only the third ad we’ve received since Rihanna joined Puma as creative director. We are still waiting for a look at the collaborative collection from these two, however, RiRi may have accidentally previewed one of the sneakers earlier this month.


via: complex

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