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When Drake fired at Meek Mill, for the second time, on his “Back to Back” dis track, he dropped the name of Philly rapper AR-Ab (“I drove here in the Wraith playing AR-Ab”), and of course that was a very strategic move on his part.

AR-Ab actually explained it perfectly to Vlad TV. “It’s probably because I’m the top goon in Philly,” he said. “He probably did his homework and heard that I run sh-t out there.” Sounds about right.

“That was a f–king crazy ass dis song man,” he added. “The sh-t he was saying in it was hitting home, it was directly at what’s going on in Meek’s life — he Eminem’d it. But I still kinda thought Meek was gon’ come back with some powerful sh-t though.”

But, unfortunately, he wasn’t too impressed with Meek’s rebuttal on “Wanna Know.”

“I was listening close because I knew Drake said my name, and I see everybody making it seem like I damn near dissed Meek too,” he explained. “So I was wondering if he’s gon’ say something about me.

“I’m not even gonna lie, after I heard it, I’m thinking — this can’t be it. Meek come from the Philly streets, I’m thinking there was gonna be some more sh-t. So we all was waiting like, that ain’t the end of it, this just the beginning of it. I thought there was gonna be like five f—king Drake disses out by now.”

He saw it as Meek’s chance to catapult his career even further.

“Drake is at a higher level than him, so I’m thinking it’s a good opportunity for him to get more fans, to get more stripes. But that was it. I was a little disappointed.”

Now, he’s not 100 percent sure things are still good with him and Meek.

“After Drake said my name, motherf–kers was telling me that there was lil shots thrown at me, but every time I talk to him, it ain’t nothing. We still cool, but I dunno if shots [are being] thrown at me or not. I need to talk to him.”

There have been rumors floating around that the Philly rapper might sign to Drizzy’s OVO label, and on that front, all he would say is, “Let’s just say it ain’t happen yet. It could happen.”

via: mtv