We think smartlocks are the solution to dumbhumans. We can’t count the number of times we’ve been deep in a conversation on the phone and walked out the door without our keys, locking it behind us. “But, see, that’s proof that Picard is a superior…. oh, crud.” Not only do you have to concede your position, but also you have to call up a local locksmith.

While you sit dejected on your doormat waiting for a friend to show up with the key you lent them during the last convention so they could look in on your pets, think how much happier you’d be if you’d bought this product. Because if you had installed the Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock, your phone would be your key. The free app you install on your phone (iOS and Android) uses Bluetooth® to talk to your deadbolt and convince it to unlock (or lock). It can unlock at your request or you can turn on auto-unlock to send a signal to the door whenever you’re within range. And if your Amish grandma is the person who needs access your place, that’s okay, because the Danalock still lets you enter with your existing key. Got contractors coming in? Give them access during the four hour window and the Danalock logs their entries and exits. And the best bit is that it fits over your existing hardware and installs with a screwdriver or two.

Product Specifications  

  • Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock
  • Wireless, app-controlled lock that works with your current deadbolt
  • Compatible with Bluetooth® 4.0
  • App available for any Bluetooth-enabled device that can download the app, including both iOS and Android (iPhone 4S+, KitKat+)
  • Operates by app, hand, button press, and with your existing key
  • Turn on auto-unlock to send a signal to the lock whenever you’re within range (33 ft.)
  • Give others access to your house remotely
  • Review the log of the times the deadbolt has been triggered and to see whether or not the door is currently locked (does not include manual unlocks)
  • Replaces the inside thumb switch portion of your current deadbolt (or cylinder system)
  • Not compatible with Euro cylinders
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum bezel
  • Batteries: CR123 (installed batteries last over a year)
  • (Note that there is a plastic tab over the installed batteries to preserve life which you must remove before use)
  • Dimensions: 3.1″ (79mm) diameter x 1.9″ (49mm) deep
  • Weight: 12.8 oz.
  • Includes smartlock, 4 CR123 batteries (installed), 2 tailpiece adapters (for Baldwin and Kwikset), and a quick start guide



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