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Rihanna isn’t the only one demanding her cash. Miss Piggy has newly covered “B***h Better Have My Money,” in a new visual – a la muppet style. In it, we see the famed pretty pigster looking fabulous on stage several times and imitating Ri-Ri’s original story line—in which she slaps Kermit and walks around like a boss-a** piggy collecting her cash, while handling others as well. Fists and punches included.


No word on how true-to-form Miss Piggy’s storyline is, but Rihanna’s bloddy, crime-ridden video may have reportedly stemmed from a 2009 lawsuit filed against her then-accountant Peter Gounis. The singer slapped Gounis and accounting firm Berdon LLP with a lawsuit, claiming that they encouraged her to purchase a hefty $7 million house without informing her that her account was in the red. The visuals seem to be an alternative ending of sorts to the situation.

Miss Piggy came close, but she didn’t exactly douse herself in blood in a chest full of money. Peep her full version, courtesy of Vulture.