The way we consume music has changed nearly as much as the popular trends being played on the radio. Over the decades, we’ve witnessed a series of revolutionary audio devices hit the market, from the Sony Walkman to the iPod to Beats By Dre headphones. Due to the consumer electronics industry constantly evolving, there’s always a new device that promise to change the way we interact with our music.

Take a look at Kohler’s Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker for instance. It’s an incredibly niche, yet creative product with dual capabilities that puts let’s you rock out in the shower in an all-new way. And that’s just one example. Here are 10 more game-changing audio gadgets that are leaving their audio mark on music lovers.

Amazon Echo

Image via Amazon

Smart speakers are about to blow up and Amazon’s at the forefront of the movement with its AI-assisted sound blaster. The Echo stands out for its ability to play music on demand without any manual assistance. In other words, you’re given the freedom to control media playback without becoming a slave to our smartphone. It both listens and responds to requests from any popular music-streaming service (Amazon Music, Pandora, iTunes Radio) via a voice-controled system dubbed Alexa. And yes, she’s quite intuitive—to the point where she’ll answer simple questions like what is Drake’s hometown? Or who’s in Run the Jewels?

Bragi Dash

Image via Bragi

The first pair of truly wireless earphones is practically a Bluetooth media player that brings together a number of ways we hear our music. On top of offering up to 4GB of storage, the Dash doubles as a fitness tracker that monitors body vitals, therefore giving listeners a sense of their fitness performance when rocking out to certain playlists. Even crazier are the programmable gesture macros that work with the built-in accelerometer to execute certain commands. A built-in mic also lets them act as a noise-canceling headset. Try naming another pair of earphones that feeds off your daily music interaction like these.

HTC One M9

Image via HTC

Smartphones have become the new iPod. And while Apple’s made that clear over the years, HTC’s been the one making noise with its game-changing mobile audio technology. The company’s flagship handset comes equipped with a built-in amp and its signature BoomSound speakers, which are backed by Dolby Audio surround sound. So whether through the dual-front stereo speakers or a pair of headphones, the One M9 is engineered to deliver a premium listening experience nonexistent on any other phone out.

Monster GO DJ

Image via Monster

An all-in-one DJ mixer with MP3 capabilities, Monster’s portable mixer defies the principles of sound engineering by putting a full-length production studio in your pocket. The GO DJ is a portable solution that lets users ditch their laptops and turntables, and let’s them store essential tracks and create mixes using the dual touchscreens. Its software suite includes a series of high-end features including: beat matching, effects knobs, touch sampler, sequencer, EQ, recorder, and a crossfade slider. Even cooler is how the device also works as a media player, so you can listen to new tracks when you’re just chilling.

Electrohome Signature Music System

Image via Electrohome

Vinyl collecting has become the “it” hobby for millennials. Think we’re lying? According to a  Billboard report “72 percent of vinyl buyers are 35 and under.” Today’s generation of audiophiles recognize the benefits of analog recordings, primarily the lossless and warm sound quality. So as the interest in record players grow, it only makes sense for the thousands just starting to stock up their milk crates with rare LPs to invest in one. This standalone hi-fi stereo system plays records as well as AM/FM radio, CDs, and digital files via USB or aux input. Plus it can convert records to MP3s for those still stuck in the digital era.

Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition

Image via Samsung

Virtual reality is the buzzword right now on the tech scene. While most of the major tech brands are focusing more on VR gaming, Samsung is all about building the ultimate VR entertainment machine with its latest headset. What makes the Gear VR Innovator Edition incredibly unique are its content services. Apps from Harmonix and Vevo look to fully immerse users in a responsive world where live concert events, music videos, and personal music and video libraries can be experienced in 360 degrees. Even better is Samsung’s Milk VR service, which is brining immersive 360 videos into the mix spread across several channels.

Apple Watch

Image via Apple

As we’ve stated before, smartwatches were designed to provide “simpler solutions that seamlessly integrate into our everyday existence.” The Apple Watch surpasses those expectations, as it does more than just provide mobile notifications. It’s also a standalone music player that controls media playback without forcing us to reach into our pockets for our smartphone. We’re talking hands-free listening for the most part. Pairing it with a set of Bluetooth headphones allows you to hear playlists synched from your phone and up to 2GB of music saved on the device.

Torque Audio Customizable Headphones

Image via Torque

Modular headphones are slowing emerging as one of the next big tech product categories. Torque Audio is the first to showcase a hot pair of premium, tunable sound cans. The company’s new lineup of in-ears and on-ears bless owners with the luxury of upgrading the sound signatures by swapping out components to match the sound with the type of music they’re listening to. This is accomplished through the use of TorqueValves: color-coded filters that custom tune the sound. That new Kanye Swish album should sound bonkers on these.

Pono Player

Image via PonoMusic

MP3s fail to tell the full story of our favorite songs, as the compression of those files result in the loss of resolution and other notable details. Hence the rise of hi-res audio, which reproduces the full range of sound from original records that have been remastered. It may still be a while before this becomes the new industry standard, but companies like Pono are already paving the way with products like its new portable music player. The Pono is designed to produce better-than-CD sound, while stocked with a DAC and numerous high-end features such as Direct-Stream Digital (DSD) playback to appease audio purists.

Roku 3

Image via Roku

Sure, most video-streaming boxes support several music-streaming services. However, none do it better than Roku. Why? The company goes on step further that most and bundles a pair of headphones that work its dynamic remote control. It’s through these purple earbuds that the Roku 3 transforms into a music hub—one that provides access to iHeartRadio, Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, and YouTube.

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