Ed Sheeran The Game

The Game’s legal woes continue. One day after leaving the courthouse for punching an off-duty cop during a pickup basketball game, the rapper is back in the headlines for a 2013 Instagram post that is costing him a reported $200,000. According to a report from Billboard, The Game was ordered to pay his former nanny Karen Monroe over $200 racks following an Instagram rant (in full below) that accused Ms. Monroe of doing “very inappropriate and unbecoming things of a babysitter.” The Game was initially sued by Monroe for “defamation and intentional infliction of emotional stress” but the Compton native never responded to the suit which is why the judge ordered a $200,000-plus default judgement.

The full Instagram rant, which was eventually deleted, reads as follows:

“ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & Beware of this woman Karen Monroe!!!!!! Her Instagram is @karyn27 & I have blocked her from all three of my IG accounts!!! She was my children’s sitter up until last year & FIRED for being caught lying, stealing, screaming at my kids, mistreating others kids & doing very inappropriate and unbecoming things of a baby sitter… she was fired by me for those things & after she was BUSTED having sex with her then boyfriend and leaving a used condom & the wrapper in my daughter’s room!!! She currently baby sits for a few celebrities, most notable Kelis (@sausageandboots) & @nasnyc’s son “Knight” whom she constantly disrespects behind her back to others including my children’s mothers trying to win her graces but she is not allowed to be with or around my children!!! She also neglects their child Knight & leaves him unattended to make runs to Starbucks etc… When the parents are not around. She drinks heavily & smokes around the children & sometimes drops them off to be baby sat at others without the parent’s consent. After hearing some of the things said about Kelis & how she s referred to is not repeatable here due to its unjust nature!!!… I’ve asked by children several times & luckily none of them were abused by this callous individual… She will read this I’m sure so I would like to say… YOU ARE NEVER ALLOWED ANYWHERE AROUND MY CHILDREN AS LONG AS YOU BREATHE & IF YOU ARE CAUGHT ANYWHERE AROUND THEM IT WILL BE THE WORST DAY OF YOUR F#CKING LIFE!!! PS VERY CONCERNED FATHER!!! #REPOST AND SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE… DO NOT LET ANY OTHER CHILDREN BECOME HER VICTIM!!!”