In today’s edition of “Lemme Hold A Dollar” news, Forbes rolled out their annual Highest Paid Celebrity list, and to the surprise of no one, Floyd ‘Money Mayweather’ and Katy Perry had prime real estate with the number one and number three spots respectively.


The 38-year-old undefeated boxer earned $300 million this year, the highest payday for any athlete. Mayweather’s earnings almost doubled Tiger Woods’ 2008 record when the pro-golfer earned $115 million. Mayweather’s historic–yet lackluster fight–against Manny Pacquiao crushed several boxing records including sponsorship, and Pay Per View buys.

And while the ‘Roar’ singer took home $135 million mostly due to her Prismatic World Tour, which grossed about $2 million per city over 126 cities, the 30-year-old entertainer also has side hustles with CoverGirl, Moschino and Adidas, which helped add to her swagged out bank account.


Manny Pacquiao squeezed in between Mayweather and Perry with a smooth $160 million, most of his earnings came from his fight with Mayweather. However, Pacquiao, like most on the list, also earned some extra change from endorsements with Nike, Footlocker Wonderful Pistachios and Nestle’s Butterfinger.

Congrats to everyone.

via: vibe