Kurtis Blow is a music producer, Ministers and rapper

He was born in 1959. His major music experience was in grade school where he was a DJ. His music success has been attributed to his album releases. With over 11 albums to his name he is one rapper who has made in this industry through the sale of albums. Kurtis became the first rapper to be signed by Mercury records in 1979 and his first album under this record sold over 400, 000 copies and it was titled Christmas Rappin’. He became an ordained minister in 2009 and he immediately founded the hip hop ministry. He later released 10 albums with the same label and they were all a success.

Other music Kurtis is a motivational speaker and he also focuses on advocating for the fight against racism and drugs abuse which are a major threat to the current youths.

Kurtis Blow net worth: $6 Million


via: cnw.org