In offices, dorms, or any smallish spaces in which you spend a lot of time, space is limited. Maximizing that space is an art form, and something we pride ourselves in. The easiest way is to find things that have two uses. Like the Sound Lounge. Not only can we put our feet up on this ottoman (or use it as a mini table or space chair), but we can also blast out our tunes through its built-in speakers!

The Sound Lounge is a stylish ottoman with an integrated Bluetooth receiver, which combines big, wireless sound with a timeless look. Take a seat or kick up your feet, and stream music using your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer. Its ported subwoofer and side stereo speakers deliver a rich, defined low-end and fill any room with multidimensional sound. Plus, you can connect up to four Sound Lounges via the aux inputs and outputs for even more versatility. The Sound Lounge even has a zippered storage space underneath (to keep your hidden stuff hidden). Suleiman the Magnificent would have loved the Sound Lounge! (That’s an Ottoman Empire joke for those of you keeping score).




Product Specifications  

  • Pop your feet up on this ottoman with built-in stereo speakers that fill any room with BIG sound
  • Streams music wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Plush padding & sturdy build enhance your living room, bedroom, or dorm
  • Ported subwoofer delivers deep, defined bass
  • Connect up to four Sound Lounges via aux inputs & outputs for immersive sound
  • Speakers are located on the ottoman sides for multidimensional sound projection
  • Plugs into wall, so no batteries needed
  • Zippered storage space underneath
  • Max weight load: 330 lbs.
  • Features:
    • On/Off Switch
    • Volume Knob
    • Bass Knob
  • Includes:
    • Sound Lounge
    • AC Power Adapter
    • RCA-to-3.5mm Stereo Cable
    • RCA-to-RCA cable
    • Quickstart Guide
    • Safety & Warranty Guide
  • Dimensions: approx. 17″ x 17″ x 14.5″
  • Weight: 15 lbs.