image via OregonSole

Believe it or not, despite the fact that Jordan Brand is flooding the market with Air Jordan Retro releases, there are, at least, hundreds of Air Jordan Retro samples that will most likely never hit retail. In fact, the only time we even get to see any of these samples is when some brave soul decides to leak them on the ‘Net.

Infamous sample leaker OregonSole just let a new leak fly of a previously unseen sample that dates way back to 2006. OregonSole has dubbed these the “Reverse Burgundy,” which he means is somehow the reverse of these, and the sneaker features a white leather upper trimmed with navy and metallic silver accents.

With all of the retro Vs that have dropped and the “Year of the Air Jordan V” that Jordan celebrated back in 2013, it is strange that a new, simple, and clean Air Jordan V didn’t actually hit retail. Instead, we got the “Black/Metallic” Air Jordan V Retro for the 100th time.

Alas, even though these will most likely never drop, we can at least take a quick look at them.

[via complex]