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Tech N9ne, Eminem and Krizz Kaliko each put on a mesmerizing lyrical display on “Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2),” which dropped on Monday.

The track, which is off of Tech’s upcoming album Special Effects, is essentially an opportunity for the three MCs to puff out their chests and prove they’re in a rarified class of lyricists.

But how do they come up with such intricate and insane flows and rhyme patterns?

“I’ll sit there and just wait,” Tech said on “Sway in the Morning” shortly after the premiere, both about his process in general, and for this track. “In my living room, I’ll just wait for the word, and it always comes. So I sit next to my Google — I love my Google, because I gotta make sure I’m using the word in the right context, because words will just pop up in my head, I’m like, damn, what’s happening, who’s putting these words in my head?”

It turns out Em’s approach isn’t too far off from that.



“It’s probably very similar,” Slim told Sway, calling in remotely. “Like, I’ll get my starting line and I’ll try and figure out — just mumble words to myself until I find the right ones I wanna use. Or, sometimes, a word will pop in my head, I’ll be like, what the f–k? Lemme write that sh-t down. I put it at the bottom of my pad, and then I’ll start coming up with words and then OK, this goes here. It’s like a puzzle.”

Tech has been talking for years about wanting to collab with the Detroit rapper, so finding the right song was crucial.

“I just wanted to send him something that he thought was dope,” he explained. “Because if it was bonk, and it was half-assed, I don’t think he would have did it. The timing was right, and when I heard the beat, I said, this is Eminem.”

“I’m just glad that Seven did a beat that was so powerful enough to make Marshall wanna do what the f–k he did, because the beats make you do these things. The beat makes me wanna ride it a certain way, so for him to get the beat and do all that to it, that meant the beat had to be massive. I’m just glad I gave him something that he thought was good.”

Fans are surely glad, too.




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