Just when we got good at designing ergonomic controllers, smartphones got popular and we started gaming on uncomfortable rectangular blocks again. How could we take a step backwards like that? Gaming on a smartphone is just about as comfortable as gaming on our NES… after a while, your hands just hurt. Thank goodness we’ve come around and gotten some great options for having your mobile games and your comfort, too. (Cake optional.)

iDroid is the first Bluetooth controller for Android and iOS that doesn’t require an app! Play your mobile games with a real controller, complete with analog thumbsticks, a digital gamepad, six digital buttons and two analog L and R triggers. iDroid can support controller function, mouse, keyboard, mouse/keyboard, and can even be used for iCade apps. Its ergonomic design will keep your hands comfortable while you game, making it the essential accessory for Android and iOS gamers. The wireless Bluetooth controller also features a Li-Ion rechargeable battery which can be charged directly via the attached USB cord.

Product Specifications

  • Play your favorite mobile games with a real controller
  • Wireless Bluetooth controller for Android and iOS
  • Features:
    • Four operation modes for Android: Mouse, Keyboard, Mouse/Keyboard and Joystick for a maximum of compatibility with Android games
    • Two operation modes for iOS: iCade and Keyboard
    • Turbo fire
    • 2 analog thumbsticks
    • Digital directional pad
    • 6 digital buttons
    • 2 analog triggers
  • Ergonomic design for relaxed gaming
  • Batteries: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery + USB charging cable (2m)
  • Compatibility: Android 3.2 or highter, iOS
  • Games Compatibility:
    • Android Emulators:
      • N64 Emulator (Nintendo 64)
      • SnesDroid (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)
      • John NES Lite (Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom)
      • GenPlusDroid (MegaDrive/Genesis)
      • FPse Emulator (Playstation 1)
    • iOS Emulators
      • All iOS emulators that support iCade




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