There will soon be a day when every luxury carmaker needing some kind of all-wheel-drive SUV model will seem boring. But that’s still some years away based on the surprise Aston Martin uncorked at the Geneva Motor Show today — an all-electric, all-wheel-drive concept called the DBX that’s less a James Bond speedster and more a competitor to the upcoming Tesla Model X.

Aston Martin made clear the DBX was not the preview of a model it’s ready to build, but rather the first swing by its design studios at how a high-riding Aston with some off-road capability might look. The two-door DBX includes space in both the trunk and under the front hood (has Tesla monopolized the word “frunk”?) thanks to the lack of traditional engine. The exterior’s unique color comes from paint with a thin layer of chrome; the interior eschews traditional leather covering for Nubuck-like suedes. And power comes from a lithium-sulfur battery pack of unknown size turning electric motors at all four wheels — or it would, at least, if the DBX was more than an auto-show exercise.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said he wanted his team to “expand their thinking” about how to grow the Aston Martin brand. While the British maker has worldwide renown, it’s also a midget among automotive giants, and lacking in the kind of corporate resources competitors like Jaguar or Bentley enjoy. Building an all-electric Aston Martin would be a stretch; doing so for the company’s first SUV-like model even more so. But given Tesla’s success to date, Aston’s not crazy for asking whether its possible.