just blaze
The legendary Just Blaze blessed the Internets with two new beats last night: “Moleskin Conclusion,” a soulful sequel to his 2012 collaboration with Jay Electronica, “Dear Moleskine,” and “Miracle,” which comes with an even more interesting backstory.

Jay asked me to hold this for him and Jeezy. Ross did something with it. Chris Brown wanted it badly but couldn’t find the right vocal flow for it once we got in studio. Canei wanted to pass it to Cole, but it was held up by someone else who actually cut me a check for it. Then it ended up just sitting, and I was weird about playing it for folks. Everyone who heard it thought it was amazing but couldn’t come up with a song to it lol. Understandable though. There’s a LOT going on. I may do this more often. If you’re going to attempt to rap on it, be respectful and rap good.

In other words: no struggle bars.

Stream both instrumentals below…



via: missinfo