Juicy J hints at retirement

Juicy J was never one to hold back his thoughts, and yesterday (Feb. 22), he shared a few at 140 characters an hour. The Memphis rapper took to Twitter to hint at an early retirement, possibly following the release of his next album.

THC, set to release in July, apparently isn’t enough to keep J around in the rap spotlight. He has bigger plans. In 2011, the Three Six Mafia rapper signed a partial ownership to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Records, and seems to be entertaining ideas about “retiring from rap & becoming a CEO at a major label to help others in the music buisness.” Ironically, last month Juicy revealed his involvement in A$AP Rocky’s next album as an executive producer.

After dropping the bomb, Juicy dropped some serious knowledge: “life goes on & music money fame etc. is a job but it’s not real life.” He seems set on his decision, but prayers go up that this album isn’t the last of Juicy J.




via: vibe