Ghostface Killah

A year and some months after Drake immortalized the Wu-Tang Clan in his tribute song “Wu-Tang Forever” on Nothing Was The Same, the Canadian rapper/actor is receiving love from some of the members in the crew. Ghostface Killah leads the line. The rap veteran was in Toronto for a show, where he gave Drake a solid co-sign.

“Drake is brilliant,” Ghostface told The Canadian Press during an interview before his show in Toronto on Friday (Feb. 20). “I don’t look at Drake like these other little rhyme guys nowadays, because I think he can really spit a rhyme. So I put him in a different category.”

Aubrey’s surprise If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late mixtape currently sits atop the Billboard charts, and has been critically well-received, separating him from same the Drake of four years ago. And luckily for him, Ghostface has taken notice.


“A lot of people might try to play him out … but I’m a lyricist, so once my antennas go up and I hear somebody who sounds really nice on the beat and got a lot of fans and stuff like that … I keep listening to him. He’s just one who caught my ear. He’s really, really doing his thing. I can’t (dump) on him. Nothing bad I can really say about him,” he said.

The Wu-Tang rapper then proceeded to discuss his future plans for the launch of his label, which he is planning to debut in September. The launch will consist of a cross-country talent search, called “Canada Takes the Mic”, traveling the country to scout musicians and artists of fresh talent.

“I love Canada, that’s why I chose to do it,” he said. “Canada shows me so much love and I haven’t been here much in like 15 years because of the borders, the customs and stuff like that. Now that I can come in and out a little bit, I’m ready to just come mess with the people.”




via: vibe