Fish Tank Coffee Table

Table Aquarium

This has got to be the most pimping coffee table that we’ve ever come across. This full sized aquarium table has sides that are made from acrylic so that you can see right into the tank as well as a big 1/4″ thick tabletop that’s made from high quality bevelled tempered glass. The glass top is extremely strong and can withhold many items such as a sculpture or stack of hard cover books on top of it without any problems.

The fish tank coffee table plugs right into any AC power point and has an access panel in it’s base that allows you to reach all of the electrical parts. For feeding your fish there is a gap under the top of the table. Tables are available in two different sizes: a smaller version which has a 15 gallon capacity and a 24″ square top and a larger version with a 25 gallon capactity and a 36″ square top.

This is easily one of the bad ass coffee tables ever made. It looks incredible and turns an otherwise boring room into a vibrant, colorful and interesting place to be. If you’re looking for an interesting way to liven up your home or office then this is exactly what you’re looking for!