They actually have worthwhile shit to talk about.

You know exactly what went down hours after this picture was taken. The Met Gala alphets are forever immortalized as the wardrobe music’s first couple wore on what would become one of the worst nights of their public lives, the biggest threat to their previously bulletproof image, and one of the biggest celebrity scandals of the 2014. In the wake of ElevatorGate, the two carried on as if nothing happened. They went on tour, Beyoncé gave a brief stunt-worthy acknowledgement of the melee on the “Flawless” remix (“Of course, sometimes shit goes down when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator”), and she dropped the lighthearted “7/11” which we assume was already in the stash. The marriage survived, but amidst near-endless divorce rumors from more than just gossip rags. Suffice to say, a well of personal material is teeming with topics from which to create compelling art. Bey already made an album full of introspective commentary on their relationship on her own, imagine the results when Jay’s on the track chiming in with his perspective. (On a brighter side, their blog-adored three-year-old daughter should make for a cute song—or cameo!—too.)